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Jewellery, the most sentimental gift you can give. Something to be worn, admired and treasured, an ode to a fond memory every time you catch a glimpse.


Our most special jewellery pieces are those that come with a story; a loved one in our thoughts, a beloved family member in our hearts, or a moment in time we’ll treasure forever. What a lovely thought to be able to give that to someone else.

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Often with jewellery, you see it, love it, and have to have it. That’s where the Cornovii Silver Shop comes in; one-off pieces, handmade in Cornwall, ready to wear, gift and admire. No two items are ever the same, each piece totally unique. Take a browse here

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You don’t have to be a designer yourself to create the perfect piece, just give me some insight into the person you’re buying for and I’ll do the rest.

Bespoke Experiences

What better way to show someone you care than by treating them to a truly special experience. Not simply a piece of jewellery, but a bespoke, considered, tailored jewellery experience.

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Silversmith Courses

I’m ever so grateful to the person who introduced me to silversmithing. Being able to introduce another to jewellery design is such a joy for me. Each workshop or retreat I host is different, as each individual hones their own unique style.

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Struggling to find the perfect gift?

Jewellery is always appreciated, and a piece that’s considered and bespoke to them, simply priceless.

Do you want to find your creativity?

It took me years to discover my love for jewellery design; the creative freedom, traditional methods, sense of achievement and pride in what I create. Book a 1 to 1 class with me or come along to one of my jewellery retreats!

Running out of time to buy that gift?

The Cornovii Silver Bespoke Jewellery Experiences can be with you in an instant, the invitation emailed directly or posted first class.

Trying to match an existing item?

Finding something to compliment a piece you or they already love can be tough. With a commission, all you need to do is send me a photo, with any particular requirements, and I’ll create the perfect piece/pairing.

Shall I spend that little extra?

With anything, there’s always the option of buying something cheaper, but with Cornovii Silver, you’re investing in an heirloom, something that can be handed down through generations, and treasured.

My family pieces don’t suit me!

Sometimes we inherit jewellery, sentimental items, but unfortunately they just don’t suit us, or we may not like them. Re-purposing items, redesigning them using their original gemstones and materials, means you can hold on to the sentimental tie and admire them while wearing them, instead of from the jewellery box.

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Hi, I’m Jo!


In my previous life, I was a primary school SEN teacher, a different kind of rewarding, but was instantly hooked into silversmithing after a one-day course. It was a total pleasure, a therapy of sorts with a real sense of achievement.


Something quite unusual brought me to Cornwall, can you guess what it was? Find out here.


Find out more about my journey into jewellery design, here.

Join the Cornovii Tribe!

I’ve experienced first hand the positive impact creativity can have on a person, and my wish is to share this with you. If you’d like to feel the benefits of jewellery design, embracing your creativity and developing your design talents, join the Cornovii tribe. Subscribe to my mailing list for inspiration as well as upcoming events & opportunities, you’d be very welcome.

My Mission

I design and create beautiful, high quality, unique pieces of  handmade jewellery. My clients are taken on a journey, experiencing the joy of creating a deeply personal heirloom, in their own style with sentimental value that will be passed down through generations.

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I wanted to create a legacy for Cornovii Silver, as we do for our families and relationships. Like many, I value the significance of heritage, and can distinctly recall the moment a piece of family jewellery was handed down to me.


Quality speaks for itself, it lasts the test of time, and can journey through generations.


Some choose an eighteenth birthday, some an engagement, and some choose the moment you become a parent. Whatever the life event, it’s precious.


A Cornovii Silver piece, whether that’s a ring, bracelet, necklace or pendant, is hallmarked with its unique details; the maker’s mark (my initials JLB inside a shield, the fineness, the London assay office mark and the year mark). Something you and future generations can distinguish in years to come.


This year, for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, there’s also the option to have a commemorative platinum jubilee mark too.


Start, or continue, your family tradition here.


“Thank you Jo, I had such a good time and learned so much, you genius. I literally thought of nothing but making my ring for a couple of hours which was much needed.”

— Paula 

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“I can see the craftsmanship, the time, love and care that has gone into creating it. I'm thrilled to have something so individual, a one off. Thank you so much.”

— Sue