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Cornovii to me means joy (it actually derives from an ancient celtic tribe, but for me it’s different!). Cornovii Silver is my piece of heaven, my studio in Cornwall, where I get to be creative, feel inspired and a part of something traditional, something bigger than myself. You see, I use all the original methods of silversmithing that the Cornovii tribes would have, the same tools too. There’s something so special about creating something unique, with my own hands and having something to show for my own creativity/efforts.


In my previous life, I was a primary school SEN teacher, a different kind of rewarding, but was instantly hooked into silversmithing after a one-day course. It was a total pleasure, a therapy of sorts with a real sense of achievement. I enrolled at the local college in and around my job, and was even nominated as ‘Student of the Year’. I knew jewellery making was for me, so began facilitating it as a career, alongside further training with the London Jewellery School, Cornovii Silver was born.


Surely, you can’t love jewellery without being drawn to precious rocks and gemstones, can you? They’re beautiful, add further meaning to each piece, but also have qualities we, or certainly I, can’t explain. My move to Cornwall, was triggered by the love of the sea, the possibility of calm, a place to find inspiration (peace, wild weather and coastlines), but also a special affiliation with Labradorite, believe it or not. For one, the colours of the Cornish coast bore through, but also, it’s known for perpetuating strength during times of change; it gave me the confidence to take the plunge and move my life to where I wanted it to be.

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I’ve experienced first hand the positive impact creativity can have on a person, and my wish is to share this with you. If you’d like to feel the benefits of jewellery design, embracing your creativity and developing your design talents, join the Cornovii tribe. Subscribe to my mailing list for inspiration as well as upcoming events & opportunities, you’d be very welcome.

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