Bespoke Commissions

Bespoke commissions are created in collaboration with the customer. Jo takes the time to get to know exactly what your requirements are and keeps you up to date with progress by sending regular work in progress shots of your piece. Her use of high quality materials and attention to detail ensures that your piece will be cherished for years to come.

Sue's Ring

Sue decided that she needed to treat herself so she contacted Jo at Cornovii Silver to discuss a custom piece. 

She has a dream catcher tattoo which is very personal to her and wanted a ring to reflect the meaning of the dream catcher. 

COVID 19 meant that these first discussions were held over face time with Sue sharing pictures of her tattoo and the story behind it.

Jo explained the types of materials that could be used and possible use of gemstones as well as shapes and sizes of the ring band and design. She took the time to understand the style that Sue loves and what features were the most important for her design.


Jo sketched up three ideas with rough costings and discussed adaptations which could be made to these.

Following a discussion about these designs, a final decision was made and Jo emailed the commission form to Sue for checking. At this stage changes were made and silver sheet and wire was ordered.

Throughout every step of the making stage, Jo sent photographs to Sue to show her how the ring was progressing and the techniques being used. Sue was so excited to receive these messages and to see the work in progress. 

After the ring was completed, it was packaged up and sent to Goldsmiths' Hall in London to be tested for fineness and hallmarked. Goldsmiths' Company  have been testing precious metals since 1300. By 1478 the first assay office was set up in Goldsmiths’ Hall, giving rise to the term ‘hallmark’ - when craftsmen were first required to bring their goods to the Hall for assaying (testing) and marking.