Design Experiences

What better way to show someone you care than by treating them to a truly special experience. Not simply a piece of jewellery, but a bespoke, considered, tailored jewellery experience.


Cornovii Silver offers you, or your loved one, the chance to create a one of a kind piece of silver or gold, with diamonds or gemstones too if you wish. Not simply a commission, but a unique silversmith experience whereby you, or they, will help to design the piece in my studio in Cornwall, or via Zoom if you prefer. A truly thoughtful gift either way.


With each of the below packages, you’ll receive your beautiful invitation in the post or via email, (whichever suits you best), giving you, or your loved one, all the details for the bespoke jewellery experience.


The design session will include a unique insight into the design process; creating and distinguishing the essence behind the piece, whatever that might mean to the person in question, deciding on design elements and techniques, and, of course, receiving the finished piece of jewellery, beautifully gift wrapped.

The gift that keeps on giving


If you’re struggling to think of a thoughtful, meaningful and unique gift for your loved one, perhaps a Cornovii Silver Jewellery Experience is the perfect option.


A one of a kind piece of jewellery for your special person. Something that will make them smile every time they wear it.


"Working with Jo was an absolute pleasure. Nothing was too much to ask and her creative touch helped me to understand exactly what it was that I wanted."

- Emma