Adding a New Chapter- Repurposing Inherited Jewellery

Making Inherited Jewellery Your Own

In many ways, there is no more personal an inheritance than the pieces of jewellery we are left by those we loved and who loved us in turn. Often, whether an ornate ring or a delicately crafted bracelet, each is a statement, a reminder of the person who once wore it, and for whom it brought great joy. In many cases, those pieces might have been passed down from family member to family member, carrying with it the legacy of generations.

There’s just one problem; what if it doesn’t fit? What if you don’t like it? Is it destined to sit in a drawer forever, gathering dust? It seems a disappointing end for something that somebody loved. Luckily, with my help, you can not only avoid this fate, but honour the memory of your loved ones and wear something new that truly brings you joy, and adding your own distinct impression to a family legacy.

The Problem with Legacy Jewellery

I’ve decided to coin a phrase here to fully encapsulate what we’re talking about; a legacy is something more than an inheritance, it’s a challenge to carry something on, to preserve and refresh it, and to keep the memories attached to it alive. So legacy jewellery has meaning, but what if it no longer bursts with style as it once did? Perhaps it doesn’t fit? Maybe you have no way to wear it? There’s no need to worry; working with a creator makes it easy to get the piece you truly desire. All you need is AAA.


For those pieces that don’t quite fit, a simple alteration may be all that’s required. If size isn’t the issue, perhaps removing or repositioning the stones might make your piece sparkle again. Sometimes, the slightest changes can make all the difference, and don’t need to cost the earth.


Perhaps your legacy piece is nice but lacks a certain something that truly reflects your style. The benefit of working directly with a creator is that together we can add those elements that you really want, whether it’s additional gold or silver, or perhaps extra stones to really catch the light. A little something extra really can change the entire look of a piece in need of a refresh.

A… Complete Reinvention!

Sometimes, it’s just not possible to alter an item to suit your taste, but that doesn’t mean your legacy piece is destined for a life in the shadows. Together, we can design a new piece of jewellery made from the existing one, melted down and remade with the original stones, or perhaps new ones chosen from my extensive range. I’ll guide you through the process, but what emerges will be something that tells your story, too.

Creating a New Legacy from the Old

Legacy jewellery carries so much more than the metal and stones that it consists of and preserving that long thread of history is something truly special. But to add to it, to create something even more beautiful that adds your own, personal thread to that legacy, that is an experience that can’t be underestimated.

The possibilities are vast and all it takes is a conversation to see what can be done. With a little creativity, your loved but unworn legacy pieces can be reborn, preserving all that they are and ready to mark the chapters of your story, from past to present.

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