The Diamond-Studded Elephant in the Room

Updated: Jul 20

We Need to Talk About Your Husband…

… or your wife, or your partner, or anyone who loves you enough to buy you something with good intentions, but without any idea of what you actually want. Let’s get this sorted right off the bat; everyone loves a gift, and everyone loves the person who gives them that gift. But what if you don’t love the gift itself? What if that special someone has splashed their cash on a beautiful diamond, but failed to realise that the diamond is being held hostage by the ugliest piece of jewellery you’ve ever seen? It’s a tragedy for you, for the diamond, and for the person desperately hoping to see your face light up in that moment. Luckily for you, I’m here to save face, save diamonds, and hopefully save your relationship! Not bad, eh?

Admitting There’s a Problem is Much Easier If You Already Have a Solution

The reason I do what I do is pretty simple, really - I want to make beautiful things that fill your heart with joy. Nothing compares to that feeling of unwrapping the perfect piece, the one you know will go with your favourite outfit and make you shine even brighter. You want that for you! I want that for you! And so does your significant other! But sometimes, no matter their intention, they just miss the mark. And we’ve all been there - no matter how hard you might try to hide it; you just can’t shake that disappointment when you see something ugly. You know it won’t match anything you have; it’s too blingy, or not blingy enough, or doesn’t match your style or intentions. The bottom line - it’s just wrong.

It's time to be honest, here, and you can’t condemn a glorious gemstone or a delightful diamond to a life spent in the darkest corner of your jewellery box, never to see the light of day. And eventually you’re going to run out of excuses as to why you never wear it. Disappointment spreads faster than margarine on a slice of Mighty White, and you don’t want that in your life. So, take a deep breath, prepare to be honest and repeat after me:

‘I love these diamonds, but I don’t love the setting.’

There. You did it. Well done! Feel better? Good!

Now what?

Let’s make something beautiful, together.

From Ugly Duckling to Elegant Swan

I’ve seen my fair share of dodgy settings, or questionable designs, or downright ugly pieces of jewellery in my time. Not one of them was bought for that purpose, though. Every single one was bought with love and intended to spread joy. It’s just that something didn’t quite work. You love the stones, you love the thought, but you just don’t love the piece. That’s okay; bring me your unloved jewellery and I will rekindle that stilted romance.

By working together to design something new, but using the raw materials of the piece you already have, we can transform an ugly duckling into an elegant swan, and create something you’ll never want to take off, let alone hide away in a darkened corner. It really is that simple; with a little creativity I can give you what you want from something you don’t, and you’ll never look back.

No More Disappointments (At Least When It Comes to Jewellery)

Not only can I save your unloved items, and I prevent future disappointment, too. Through our time working together, I’ll be able to build an understanding of exactly what makes your heart skip a beat, and then turn that dream into reality. Next time your significant other is looking to shower you with diamonds, or anything precious and shiny and beautiful, I’ll be ready to design and make something I know you’re going to like, and save you both from ever experiencing jewellery disappointment again.

So, if you’re ready to turn ‘hate’ into ‘great’, ‘bleak’ into ‘chic’, or ‘tired’ into ‘required’, make that call and we’ll get started. Redesigning jewellery together is fun, creative, and a wonderful opportunity to express your own beauty. It’s also a lot easier than finding a new husband…

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