Size Guide 

How to order the correct size for your jewellery


There are several necklace lengths available, with a small additional cost as the necklace length increases.


Please                      if you require a different length chain.


















Bracelets and Bangles






  • 6.5” child/teen

  • 7” small/medium wrist

  • 7.5” medium/large

  • 8” extra-large



  • 8” small to medium wrist.  

  • 8.5” large

  • 9” extra-large. 




It’s always best to get your ring size properly checked especially if you are ordering wider band sizes. Please contact us for help if you are unable to work out your ring size.

As a rough guide, the internal ring circumferences below corresponds to the ring size listed:


G – 45.5mm

H – 46.7mm

I – 48 mm

J – 48.7mm

K - 49.9mm

L – 51.2mm

M – 52.5mm

N – 53.8mm

O – 55mm

P – 56.3mm

Q – 57.6mm

R – 58.9mm

S – 60.1mm

T – 61.4mm